S105 Air

S105 air is a cost effective tap water station with external air connection and with one product.


Ecolab S105 air is a cost effective tap water station with external air connection and with one product, designed for surface cleaning (rinse- foam or rinse-sanitize)  in food & beverage and in fresh food retail stores who have external air connection.

 The additional air creates more visible and longer time clinging foam compared to standard tap water station.

It is a plug and play hygiene solution delivered together with a standard accessory kit to ensure effective and efficient operation of the unit. 


Unique features
Unique features
  • External Air connection
S105 A version is to be connected to external air connection that results in more visible and stable foam. 
  • Accessory kit equipped with a patented Top Jet foam nozzle
Nilfisk FOOD patented Top Jet Foam nozzle is engineered to deliver better quality foam 
Technical specifications
Pipe dimension inlet Ø 3/4" 
Pipe dimension outlet Ø 1/2" 
Min. pressure of water supply 2.5 bar
Max. pressure of water suply 5 bar
Max. temperature of water supply 60°C
Water quantity 25 l/min
Number of products 1
Construction PPS
Max. hose length (recommended) 15 m
Models available
Note: The S105 air station will be phased-out on October 1st 2018 
Model                   Description Article no. EBS no.
S105 A Cleaning station with air connection + Accessory kit including:

Food graded hose 15 m
Tornado rinse nozzle
Top Jet foam nozzle
Ball valve
​Air regulation unit
Gaskets, filters, screws
2 m. stainless steel water inlet hose
Product limiting nozzles
Chemical suction hose (transparent)
Chemical suction hose (yellow)
0646002 10000958
Additional accessories available Automatic hose reel max. 15 m 110004893  
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