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Mainstation, Griff

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Ecolab XP Foamer is engineered specifically to keep food production departments within Food Retail market, and modern institutional kitchens as clean and hygienic as technically possible.

Advanced foam technology generated thanks to build in compressor delivers faster and more efficient cleaning. Increased contact time of the detergents with the cleaned objects and the visible proof of cleaning delivers consistent cleaning results all over the plant and real economical savings. According to an extensive field research results, Griff generates 22% of labour savings and 57% of water savings vs. traditional foamer.


DuoFoam Technology​

The new injector block has the capacity for two different compounds at only one outlet, which makes it very easy and safe to change from one product to another. Patent pending.

DuoFoam Technology

High quality chemically resistant o-rings

High quality chemically compatible Aflas o-rings introduced on components having contact with chemical products.

High quality chemically resistant o-rings

High quality chemically resistant o-rings

Included in the accessory kit, patented Tornado rinse nozzle gives higher rinsing impact with 20% less water resulting in better cleaning results and water savings. Flat spray pattern minimizes spread of aerosols in the air.
Additional 23 cm long lance for better rinsing boost and occupational health prevents the end user from bending down.

Tornado rinse nozzle


Product sheet XP foamer mainstation Ecolab
Directions for use XP foamer Ecolab 230V/50Hz & 220V/60Hz
All documents: XP Foamer


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How to service block Griff/XP foamer

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How to service compressor XP foamer Griff

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How to service pump XP foamer Griff

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How to service electrical box XP foamer Griff

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Ecolab Food Safety: Costco

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How to use XP Foamer Griff v2

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Safety first – pressure locked couplings





Model Desciption Article no. EBS no.
Griff/XP foamer XP foamer 230V/50Hz + Standard accessory kit 110003906 10033096
Griff/XP foamer XP foamer 230 V/60 Hz 110003522  –
Griff/XP foamer XP foamer 110 V/60 Hz 110002426 92213317
Griff/XP foamer XP foamer 100 V/50Hz 119000314 R92222862
Griff/XP foamer XP foamer 100 V/60Hz 119000315 R92222863


Each model is delivered together with the following accessories:
Foam nozzle on a 100 mm long lance,  Stainless steel
Tornado rinse nozzle on a 230 mm long lance, Stainless steel
Chemical pick up hoses (2x) incl. chemical limitting nozzles



Accessories to mount griff on a wall: Article no. EBS no.
Griff BA back flow preventer and a rack 110003737 10033101



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