Best recommendations for Retail, Institutional & QSR

Retail, Institutional & QSR

This market includes fresh meat, fish & deli departments within food retail, bakeries, kitchens at hotels, restaurants & catering companies, Quick Service Restaurants

Daily challenges

Clean and hygienic production areas are necessary to handle the daily challenges and Nilfisk FOOD low pressure cleaning solutions is the answer.

Food contact surfaces must be thoroughly washed, rinsed and santized prior to food preparation
Dangerous pathogens such as Listeria and Salmonella are very common in foodservice: 49% kitchen floors, 46% mops and buckets, 66% floors and drains thus must be cleaned properly or eliminated
All chemicals must be defined by Ecolabs experts

Nilfisk FOOD Best Recommendation:

Maximum cleaning effectiveness - Maximum value added benefits  
  Local System

Food Retail stores, Institutional Kitchens and Quick Service Restaurants must secure top of the line hygienic environment and safe food in their stores to protect their customers, brand image and sales. Ecolabs Local Systems are engineered specifically to respond to those needs, as they are robust, smart and user friendly, with optimal rinse pressure between 2-8 bar. On top of this, these systems guarantee high flexibility for elective product choice. 

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Boost your cleaning effectiveness:

Additional equipment
Local system - Doorway sanitation Cerberus
Censor controlled doorway sanitation stops spreading bacteria  and residues when changing rooms.
Hose reel
Stainless steel automatic hose reel (with available additional braking system) helps working with the hose; guarantees safe working environment, protection of the operators and of the equipment.
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