Best recommendations for Poultry industry


Sector of the food industry that involves processing, preserving, storing and transporting various species such as chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese from farms to processing plants.

Daily challenges

Clean and hygienic production areas are necessary to handle the daily challenges and Nilfisk FOOD low pressure cleaning solutions is the answer.

Catching equipment, crates and containers used to catch the birds must be profoundly cleaned and disinfected to avoid contamination of the flock
The vehicles and cages that are used to transport the birds to the processing areas need to be cleaned and disinfected after leaving a slaughterhouse and going to the next farm
Cleaning and disinfection of salmonella and listeria bacteria that often infect the flock 
Effective dissolving and removal of poultry fat, specifically during cold seasons, when the amount of fat is bigger 
Critical control points must be under strict monitoring and surveillance which necessitates a strict hygiene program using specific chemical detergents and water temperature
All chemicals must be defined by Ecolabs experts

Nilfisk FOOD Best Recommendation:

Maximum cleaning effectiveness - Maximum value added benefits  
Centralized System

Centralized cleaning solution with two chemical compounds needed to effectively clean and disinfect in the poultry industry are pre-mixed in a central room and distributed as a ready to use mixture to the foaming units. This system guarantee lowest risk in the production facilities due to highest safety of the chemicals handling. Accurate dosage of chemicals guarantee consistent cleaning results and hygienic premises day after day.  

Boost your cleaning effectiveness:

Additional equipment
Automatic System
Programmable and uniform daily cleaning and disinfection with multiple program options, to fit your specific needs. Best for conveyor belts that require constant cleaning and disinfection and which are difficult to clean manually.
Local system - Mobile unit Hybrid Typhoon
Best for remote areas, transportation vehicles, containers where the pressurised water line does not reach. 40 bar Hybrid Typhoon recommended for the black-end areas.
Local system - Doorway sanitation system
Censor controlled doorway sanitation stops the spreading of bacteria and dirt when changing rooms