More functions with Mainstations


Cleaning stations including pump for pressure and option for extra satellite. The frequency controlled pump makes up to 25 bar and is designed for up till 4 users.
  • Mainstation, HybridMainstation, HybridThe Hybrid Mainstation is a complete hygiene station offering all the required functionalities for professional cleaning of exterior surfaces in the Food & Beverage industry.Learn more
  • Mainstation, Hybrid Compact PegasusMainstation, Hybrid Compact PegasusThe Hybrid Compact Pegasus Mainstation is a complete and cost efficient hygiene station for effective cleaning in the Food and Beverage industry.Learn more
  • Mainstation, GriffMainstation, GriffGriff is a smart cleaning station with 8 bar rinsing pressure and advanced foam technology to deliver superior soil removal in the food retail and institutional industry.Learn more