OLD Pump up foam and spray units

Manual pump up foam or spray units perfect for cleaning of smalller size surfaces, sink drains, beverage dispensing lines. (5L10X, 5LSP)


The Ecolab Pump up foam units ( 5 l and 1.5 l) are small foam or spray tanks perfect for quick, manaual cleanining or sanitization of smaller size surfaces in all industries.

For the institutional kitchens, Food Retail and QSR market segments an additional drain attachment can be added to the smaller unit, enabling cleaning of kitchen sink drains and beverage dispensing lines. The drain attachment slows down the velocity of the foam and increases its density, resulting in perfect consistency of foam to fill down the drains or dispensing lines.
Unlike liquids, foam expands to contact the entire surface of the pipe, can push past the trap and travel long distances. On top of that, foam breaks down slowly, giving the chemical products longer time to work and do the job.

Why is it important to clean drains and beverage lines?
The humid and dark environment of the drains create a very favourable environment for growing pathogens and biofilm especially on drain walls above the normal fluid level. It can also become a breeding ground for fruit flies and drain flies who can spread the bacteria onto food contact surfaces. It is therefore crucial to avoid contamination and clean the drains and beverage lines in a proper way. It will also have a strong impact on odor control in the kitchens. 


Unique features
Compact unit with manual pump
Maximum portability for small jobs and spot cleaning
Comfortable grip handle with trigger for quick on/off control
Drain plug attachment to fit drains 
Pressure relief valve for safety
View stripe for easy visibility of product levels
Technical specifications
Power type Manual
Chemical pick up Draws from pre-mixed solution
Number of products 1
Capacity 5L10X: 5 L 
5LSP: 5 L
Discharge hose lenghts/diameter  2m/6,4mm inside diameter
Output distance max. 1.5 m
Trigger handle Polypropylene trigger handle with train attachment plug

Models available
Model Description Article no. EBS 
5L10X Pump up foam unit 5 l 110006255 10052143
5LSP Pump up spray unit 5l 110006299 10052149

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