Company profile


Nilfisk FOOD is the world leading manufacturer of low pressure cleaning equipment. We develop, produce and sell cleaning and hygiene solutions working with up to 40 bar. Our expertise is how to combine water pressure, compressed air and chemical products in order to create the perfect foam quality to do the job – in one process from pre rinse to sanitizing. The target customers for our products are the food industry and related industries.

More than 33 years of activity and continuous development has created this expertise. Together with major food processing industries and cleaning contractors we have developed new cleaning systems adapted to the stringent requirements of the food industry. As such we are a market and customer driven company focusing on innovative and robust equipment. 

According to the different needs, we can supply mobile or fixed central installations. We have a wide range of automatic solutions and we are able to tailor make the solution that fits the demand of every customer.

We – together with our distributors – will enter into a direct dialogue with the customers in order to create the solution that meets the specific requirements in the most efficient and cost effective way. Together with our distributors we also ensure training of the cleaning staff and quick and efficient after sales service.