Pre-mix compounds with Pre-diluted


With a Pre-Diluted equipment, the chemicals are pre-mixed in a central room, and distributed as a ready to use mixture to foaming units, that guarantee highest safety in the production facility. 
  • Pre-diluted, Mix stationPre-diluted, Mix stationThe Pre-diluted mix stations are engineered to respond to the most strict safety rules and legal regulations of cleaning in the food production facilities.Learn more
  • Pre-diluted, InlinePre-diluted, InlineThe Phoenix Inline guarantees a very accurate dosing of products to secure consistent cleaning results all over the plant. Learn more
  • Satellite, Pre-dilutedSatellite, Pre-dilutedThe Hybrid Pre-diluted satellite is a hygiene station for rinsing, foam cleaning and disinfection with three separate outlets. Learn more
  • Satellite, Hybrid ONE PDSatellite, Hybrid ONE PDThe Hybrid ONE Pre-diluted satellite is highly flexible, quick and safe to use, enabling three cleaning functions with just one outlet. Learn more
  • Satellite, Yeti PDSatellite, Yeti PDThe Yeti foamer is a small station to make foaming smarter and more efficient.Learn more
  • Inspexx SDInspexx SDInspexx SD is used for mixing and distribution of pre-diluted detergent for cleaning stations or other types of outlets.Learn more