Booster, Medium Pressure

Medium Pressure Boosters are pump units that can give an extra boost to the cleaning process.


Ecolab Hybrid Medium pressure range is a compact modular water supply system with 2 to 6 frequency controlled pumps to supply satellites for rinsing, foam cleaning and disinfiction of exterior surfaces in the Food and Beverage industry. The Hybrid Multi Booster range is build on a stainless steel floor frame and supplies satellites for simultaneous operation from 16 to 48 users.
It is to be used with the whole range of Hybrid satellites.


Technical specifications
  B40-3 B40-6 & B40-10 B40-20 & B40-30  
Pipe dimension inlet Ø B40-3: 1 1/4" thread
B40-6:   1 ½" thread
B40-10:      2" thread
4" flange
Pipe dimension outlet Ø B40-3:   1 ½" thread
B40-6:       2" thread
B40-10: 2 ½" thread
4" flange
Pump pressure 40 bar + inlet pressure 40 bar + inlet pressure
Max. operational pressure 50 bar 50 bar
Water flow B40-3:   120 l/min
B40-6:   240 l/min
B40-10: 400 l/min
B40-20:   800 l/min
B40-30: 1200 l/min
Min. pressure of water supply 2 bar 2 bar
Max. pressure of water supply 10 bar 10 bar
Max. temperature of water supply 70°C 70°C
Supply voltage 3/PE 400V 50Hz
(60Hz on request)
3/PE 400V 50Hz
(60Hz on request)
Power consumption B40-3:       11 kW
B40-6:    18,5 kW
B40-10:  33,5 kW
B40-20:       67 kW
B40-30:  100,5 kW
Nom. current B40-3:      21,3 A
B40-6:      32,4 A
B40-10:       65 A
B40-20:    130 A
B40-30:    195 A
Security of electrical wiring B40-3:      25 A
B40-6:      35 A
B40-10:    80 A
B40-20:    160 A
B40-30:    200 A
Electrical cable; L1, L2, L3, PE B40-3:   4 x 2,5 mm2
B40-6:   4 x 2,5 mm2
B40-10: 4 x 6 mm2
B40-20:   4 x 6 mm2
B40-30:   4 x 6 mm2
Number of pumps BF16-2:   2 
BF24-3:   3
BF32-4:    4
BF40-5:  5
BF48-6:  6
IP class IP55 IP55
Sound level ISO 11202 Below 70 dB Below 70 dB
Weight B40-3:      270 kg
B40-6:      315 kg
B40-10:    470 kg
B40-20:    1050 kg
B40-30:    1400 kg
Dimensions H x W x D B40-3: 1600x420x1180mm
B40-6: 1490x420x1180mm
Models available
Model Desciption EBS no.
Booster 40-3 w. frequency controlled pump/soft starter 10018643
Booster 40-6 w. frequency controlled pump/soft starter 10200811
Booster 40-10 w. frequency controlled pump/soft starter 10104761
Booster 40-20 w. MPC-E controller 10012757
Booster 40-30 w. MPC-E controller 10023266
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